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Many people outside the health care industry are not familiar with condom catheters and are only aware of the often painful indwelling types like a Foley catheter. For those with occasional or chronic bladder control problems a condom catheter may be the best choice on the market today.

As the name implies, the first type of these external catheters were nothing more than a condom with an attached piece of tubing for drainage to a capture bag. As the necessity and acceptance of these devices became commonplace, technology allowed for a more seamless integration of the parts as well as the use of more comfortable, hygienic and durable materials. Today, a condom catheter may be latex, semi-rigid plastic, or other materials. It may be unrolled along the entire length of the penis or just attached to the glans area. They are several methods for keeping condom catheters in place and this is most often managed by safe skin adhesives or other means.

condom catheterThis male external catheter is a great substitute for the adult diaper,  incontinence pants, or male incontinence clamp. Users appreciate the freedom and flexibility of movement that a condom catheter provides. No matter how slim they are, adult diapers can feel conspicuously bulky and people worry about unwanted attention when wearing them.

If you suffer from bladder control issues speak to your urologist or primary care physician and see if a condom catheter may be right for you. They work great for less serious problems like overflow incontinence and even more serious conditions like overactive bladder syndrome. There are now thousands of men relying on these devices and the popularity continues to grow because of the condom catheter’s health benefits and the ease in which they can be bought and used.

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