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There are many great reasons to use condom catheters. The simplicity of design means any person can use them unlike complicated indwelling catheters. The major benefit, though, is to the health of the patient. Infections due to bacterial growth are a common problem with many types of indwelling catheters. The use of a condom catheter helps prevent this.

Many patients are suffering incontinence due to a temporary medical condition like prostrate treatments or other bladder issues. Others are destined for a lifetime of catheterization. For those who must use a Foley catheter, Coude catheter, or other indwelling type the risk for a serious urinary tract infection is not a matter of if, but of when. The warm environment and plastic tubing makes ideal conditions for bacterial growth and this can lead to a UTI. How can condom catheters help?

Condom catheters are less likely to lead to a UTI or bladder infection due to this type of bacterial growth because it is easier to change and clean them on a much more regular basis. Many people confined to a wheelchair or bed rely on sporadic home health care or doctor visits for a catheter change of indwelling catheters. Condom catheters are easily changed by anyone and in many cases the patient himself. The drainage tube is all external which means it will not be a good host for quickly breeding bacteria.

A 2006 study at a Veterans Hospital found that for all patients an indwelling catheter was two times as likely to cause an adverse outcome as a condom catheter. For non-dementia patients the risk for bacteriuria, symptomatic UTI, or death was five times higher for indwelling catheter patients versus condom catheter patients. Of course, the participants overwhelming picked the external catheter as being more comfortable.

Condom catheters are very affordable and can be disposed of regularly, further thwarting the likelihood of a UTI. These comfortable devices are a great option for those with bladder control problems. There are styles and sizes to accommodate any man and buying condom catheters has never been easier. Stop worrying about a UTI and the pain and discomfort that goes along with it when there is a great solution ready to help.

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