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An incontinence clamp is another weapon in the fight against incontinence that works remarkably well and is safe to use with minimal side effects. The Cunningham clamp has become virtually synonymous with penile clamps and with good reason. The design of the clamp and the ease of use make it a favorite with men recovering from prostate surgery or for those suffering from a more permanent form of urinary incontinence.

How to Use a Cunningham Clamp

Cunningham Incontinence ClampThe clamp has a hinged metal framework with a soft foam interior and once closed has adjustable notches for comfort and to ensure a proper fit. The Bard Cunningham clamp is used by first placing it approximately halfway down the shaft of the penis and then tightening it to compress the urethra. The foam has a slight “V” shape to provide extra compression against the urethra to further inhibit the flow of urine when worn. It does require some manual dexterity to use, but will quickly become second nature after a few uses.

Benefits of an Incontinence Clamp

There are many benefits to using a clamp for incontinence issues. The clamp goes on easily and quickly and is very discrete to carry and to wear. Many men have sensitivity issues to latex or the adhesives used in condom catheters and this can be a viable alternative. Adult briefs and other male incontinence products can be expensive since many are used only one time. The Cunningham clamp is solidly constructed and can be used over and over and is completely washable. It is designed to be worn for a few hours at a time and not necessarily all day, but this will still save money and make life easier for those men with bladder issues like overflow incontinence.

Potential Side Effects

The side effects associated with the Cunningham incontinence clamp are generally minor. The clamp must be loosened every hour to two hours to allow urine to flow out. This is important to avoid urinary tract infections. The clamp should not be applied to tightly or blood flow may be compromised. Skin irritation can occur and if the clamp is left in place too long there may be scarring inside the urethra. It is important that the male user have proper sensation in his penis so he can feel if anything is painful or irritating. Obviously, consult a doctor is there is any swelling, discoloration, discharge or other unusual symptoms while using a Cunningham incontinence clamp.

The cost of the clamp generally is under $50 and it is available in several sizes to accommodate both men and boys. It is available at medical supply shops and conveniently sold at many online retailers. Amazon stocks a wide selection of Cunningham clamps for purchase.  This may be a great choice for any man who is seeking relief from the normal male external catheters or it can be a reliable backup that can be kept close at hand for emergencies. Bard catheters are famous the world over, but the Bard catheter may be overshadowed soon enough by this resilient clamp.

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