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Released in 2010, the J Clamp from Jackson Medical Products is one of the newest incontinence clamps on the market and boasts a very different design than the Cunningham Clamp, Dribblestop, or any other clamp.  The lineup for male incontinence products can always use a new entrant, but men are very loyal to products that work and changing minds is never easy. So, how well does the J Clamp work? My testing of this product spanned five days and, as always, I tried to investigate and address the type of questions I think our readers would have.

First Impressions

j clamp incontinence clamp

J Clamp as tested

The design of the J Clamp may cause many men to do a double take, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The best products often appear radical at the start. It is easy to understand how other incontinence clamps may be viewed as comfortable based strictly on appearance. The Cunningham Clamp, for instance, has a foam lining and it is easy to equate “foam” with “comfort”. But is that a valid assumption? It is easy to see the J Clamp and doubt the manufacturer claims of comfort, but the old cliché of not “judging a book by its cover” springs to mind and I was more than ready to put it through its paces and it didn’t take long to become impressed.

How It Works

The design is remarkably simple, but takes a totally new approach. Unlike other clamps that sandwich the penis to collapse the urethra and stop the flow of urine, the J Clamp takes a targeted approach. The adjustable tension rod allows a small marble-sized ball to directly engage the urethra by pressing against the underside of the penis. When urination is necessary, the rod can be disengaged and urine flows freely without removing the clamp. Once voiding is complete, the tension rod is again secured into the desired clip.

First Trial

The J Clamp has a small learning curve. The design and usage is easy to understand, but it takes a bit of experimentation to effectively center the ball beneath the urethra and then a bit more experimentation to decide the pressure setting that stops leaks, but is not uncomfortable. The design allows for proper penile blood flow thanks to the uniquely shaped top, so my first instincts were to clamp it pretty tightly. When I experienced drips I realized that the positioning was off and not the pressure. Once I realized exactly where it needed to be, it also became apparent that the tension rod could be clipped into a position that allowed less pressure and more comfort.

Within a few trials of taking it on and off, it quickly becomes more routine and I was able to locate the “sweet spot” with minimal effort. I think with daily use over an extended period of time that muscle memory will kick in and it could probably be done almost without looking.  The key is to experiment with both placement and pressure to get a great fit and a proper result.


Okay, I had my doubts. This is rigid plastic and it may resemble a torture device, but it passed the comfort test with flying colors. The very first day I wore it for around four hours while doing errands and I actually forgot it was on! Seriously. It only weighs 1 ounce and once I got the pressure just right it was basically “set it and forget it”.  I have always been one to sacrifice comfort for performance so the fact that for once I didn’t have to meant a lot to me.  I wore it for five hours during the longest stretch with no discomfort. The inventor claims to wear it twenty hours a day! As always, the use of this or any clamp should be discussed with a physician.

Part of the comfort often not considered is the mental comfort that a device does or does not provide. Men like discrete incontinence protection. I originally had my doubts that the J Clamp could be used through the fly of briefs or boxers, but it can. It takes just a bit more effort than usual, but it fits through fine. At the toilet or urinal, I believe a man could get used to releasing and tightening with just one hand, but I used both. I like that the clamp can stay in place while urinating and that it doesn’t really require any special maneuvers to relieve yourself.


Again, I give the manufacturer credit. This is a solid design. As long as a user has a bit of patience to locate the right spot and tension then it will perform. I had no leaks using this once I got the setting correct. I wondered if it was the clamp really working or maybe just a lack of urine output, but that was quickly answered the first time I unclamped and let the pressure off. It was obvious the amount of urine it held back.

It is designed to work with almost all sizes. It even includes a soft inner form that can tighten the fit down even further if needed.  I would think that the J Clamp could work for almost every male incontinence sufferer.


The clamp itself feels very strong to me, but my concerns were instantly drawn to the metal rod and small plastic ridges on the side that holds the tension rod at the desired setting. Your hand pulls the rod over the ridges and it falls into the desired slot. I wondered if the constant moving of the rod over these bumps would wear them down enough to where they would no longer hold the tension rod in the desired slot. I moved the rod up and down – many, many times. Much to my wife’s consternation, while watching television I moved this up and over the ridges again and again both rapidly and slowly. I did manage to scrape off a bit of plastic because I could see a fine grit form, but I manipulated this over 500 times and it still stayed locked in the desired slot at the end of that trial. Will it eventually fail? I suppose, but every clamp will fail eventually. Many manufacturers recommend changing them several times a year. I could easily see this one lasting a year or more.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the J Clamp. I can’t guarantee your experience will be as trouble free as mine, but I found it to be a durable, comfortable performer. I had reviewed Jackson Medical’s Male Urine Guard earlier and this is a rare case where lightning does strike twice. The company’s innovative approaches to male incontinence are worth investigating, especially for any man that has given up on incontinence clamps due to poor performance or discomfort.

The J Clamp does take some dexterity and a bit of trial and error to use, but I think most men will be able to master it in no time. The cost may be a bit more than other clamps, but I also believe this one will last longer. The cost is well justified since it can replace the use of adult absorbent briefs, diapers or pads because it can handle more serious incontinence issues. It can be ordered conveniently online and have found the J Clamp for sale up to 30% off retail!  It is also easy to clean with just soap and water. There is no foam to breakdown, stain or become brittle over time. I will be interested in seeing how successful the J Clamp becomes in the future as word of mouth spreads about this device.

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