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Thousands of men suffer from bladder control issues and have to alter their lifestyles accordingly. Male incontinence products have been greatly improved by science and technology and now men have many great devices to tackle this problem. Once a man has come to terms with accepting urinary incontinence as a part of his life the next step is determining just how to deal with it on a daily (and nightly) basis. Every man is different and each has his own needs. Some men are active while others are sedentary. Many men love to drink water or sports drinks throughout the day and others may go hours without any fluid intake. The level of severity of the incontinence plays a great role in deciding which product is chosen as well. The choices are many: adult briefs or other absorbent garments, adult diapers, incontinence pads, catheters and incontinence clamps.  All of these can be effective solutions.

Adult briefs are some of the most commonly used garments. Many people use this term as a synonym for adult diapers especially in the medical community. They are virtually interchangeable. There are thin fabric absorbent briefs that are more like true underwear, but they are primarily used for just small amounts of leakage. Usually adult briefs are larger with absorbent material throughout and resemble a traditional diaper. The benefits of these briefs are many. They can be worn for hours at a time and absorb a great deal of liquid waste. They are easy to use and come in either tab waist with velcro closures or even pull up varieties. They are by far one of the easiest solutions. Adult diapers can be purchased in most grocery stores and drugstores so a new supply is never far away. Because they are a self-contained unit a man is not limited in his activities by them. Some of the common complaints against them are that men find them noisy. Certain materials used do create a bit of noise from movement. Another complaint is the bulkiness. Technology has come a long way and today’s briefs are thinner than ever, but it does take some getting used to. Lastly, many men just don’t use them because it makes them feel like a baby. Some men already view incontinence as a sign of weakness and adult diapers just compound the problem.

A step down in size are incontinence pads for men. These small, highly absorbent pads are placed inside the underwear and perform in the same manner as an adult brief: they absorb and lock away moisture. The advantage is obvious in that they are very easy to use and their small size means they are discrete. Some active men complain that these pads move around too much, though, and may lead to leaks and embarrassing stains. The amount of leakage and level of a man’s activity is a big factor when choosing between a brief or the simpler male incontinence pads.

Incontinence bed padsIncontinence bed pads are a great way to deal with leakage during sleep. Many men hate being bound up in a brief or strapped to a hose and bag during the night. There are many great bed pads on the market today that are easily capable of absorbing urine while also protecting the mattress and bedding. These are an inexpensive solution and there are even reusable incontinence pads on the market – just wash, dry and reuse!

Of course, here at Condom Catheters, we believe that a male external catheter is the best choice. Beyond the health benefits of condom catheters are the simplicity and reliability of the device. They are easy for most men to apply and use and they are great at stopping leakage. These compact solutions can be worn under most any garment and are easy to empty. Leg bags come in many sizes so a man can choose based on his own lifestyle. There are several styles of external catheters to choose from, but the condom catheter is easily one of the best male catheters.

It may take experimentation, but a man will come to find that incontinence does not have to slow him down and that there are some great options for dealing with bladder issues like bladder weakness and overflow incontinence. There are no wrong solutions just solutions that may be wrong for a particular individual.

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