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A bedside commode is a great device that makes life so much easier for thousands of people that suffer not only from overactive bladder syndrome or urge incontinence, but for those recovering from surgery or anyone else with limited mobility. Nighttime bathroom trips can be hazardous especially for the infirmed or elderly person and many men and women do not like sleeping in a condom catheter or adult brief. The convenience of a bedside toilet can be had for only a small investment, but it can mean more comfort for many people. Choosing a proper toilet takes some time and there are certain features that a quality bedside commode should possess. Besides durable construction and the proper weight capacity, a toilet should have most of the following features: removable bucket, removable back, a proper lid, a foldable stainless steel or aluminum frame, adjustable height, drop arms, and lock wheels. Not every toilet will have all these features but each is important.

Bedside Commode Features

Frame – Ideally, the toilet will have a metal frame structure with an easy to clean plastic seating area. A metal frame is best because it generally must support up to 300 lbs. Stainless steel and aluminum are commonly used (and sometimes coated metal) because these materials do not rust or corrode. The legs should be adjustable to not only fit a wide variety of body types, but to accommodate a range of toilets since many of these portable toilets are used as height extenders over a household toilet for those who cannot sit on a low seat. Not all are foldable, but a collapsible toilet is easy to travel with and store when not needed. The cost is higher for a foldable model, but easily justified.

Bedside CommodeSeat Area – Plastic is the material of choice due to the ease of cleaning and its strength and flexibility. It is normally white or off-white. The seat and lid should both be removable for easy cleaning and the catch bucket should also be removable for those times when the seat is positioned over a regular toilet as a height extender. The design should be simple with minimal sharp corners or other places for bacteria to collect. Some bedside commodes do not have lids, but most people prefer a lid to cover the waste before the toilet can be emptied.

Versatility Extras – A great toilet is truly portable and comes with wheels that make moving it from place to place a snap. This feature may cost a bit more, but for people in a weakened state it is very helpful. Drop arms that fold down are a great feature as well. Sturdy arms are important to assist the person in positioning, but many people feel trapped between them when seated. Arms that raise and lower allow for more room and a more natural feeling.

Shopping for a bedside commode is easy. The same local shops that stock incontinence products and external catheters normally carry a limited selection of bedside toilets. The internet is a great source and shopping for a commode on Amazon is very convenient and a great way to save on these items and have one shipped directly to the user. Prices range from around $35 for a basic model up to around $175 for a deluxe version.

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