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Thanks to advances in absorbent materials and a focus on comfort and style, male incontinence briefs today are better than ever and well worth a second look for those who gave up on them in the past. Gone are the days of adult diapers that squeaked when a man walked or sat down. The pants-bulging bulkiness that characterized the incontinence pants of yesteryear has been replaced by new briefs are nearly as slim as regular men’s underwear. Still not convinced to try them? Here are reasons that you should:


As much as the oldest briefs did absorb, they just looked awkward and were hard to use. Locker rooms and restrooms proved to be potentially embarrassing as a man fumbled with tabs or lowering a bulky brief. Now, it is virtually impossible to distinguish the newest incontinence pants. Many brands boast a working fly, standard elastic waist band, and classic cuts for both brief and boxer styles. There are even fashion colors available. No one has to know but you and your doctor!

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Briefs are great for those suffering from mild overflow incontinence or bladder issues brought on due to surgery or illness. These small, occasional leaks are easily locked away from the skin and with the use of a hydrophobic barrier, the urine will not show through and penetrate outer garments. Not worrying about a “stain” is absolute peace of mind that can make any man more confident and less stressed about coping with his bladder issues.


Many of the old adult briefs and adult diapers were single use. This meant always worrying about having a large supply on hand and finding a place to dispose of them when they were soiled. These days, too, are gone! Many of the incontinence briefs for men sold today are completely reusable and machine washable. Some companies claim their incontinence pants provide protection even after a hundred trips through the laundry! Incredible. Given that there are many brands on the market for less than $20 a pair, the cost is negligible. There are some types that use pads for insertion and these are removed when soiled and replaced. This style is still cheap because once the underwear itself is purchased, the pads are small and inexpensive to order in bulk. So, whether a man chooses a reusable and machine washable incontinence brief or a brief with a removable pad, he can save. In some cases, these briefs may be covered by insurance as well.


Sometimes bladder issues are tied into to other more serious illnesses that may include mental impairment or other physical conditions that make hygiene difficult. The new line of absorbent briefs is great because they are so easy to use. If a man can still put on underwear then he can guarantee himself some protection against leaks. Arthritis or other conditions may make it hard for a man to use the style with replaceable pads as positioning them can be awkward, but the reusable type are still a great option. They are comfortable and made from fabrics that feel good next to the skin. This increases the likelihood that a man will use them, too.


With more and more manufacturers coming on board to develop great briefs the shopping has never been easier. National television campaigns assure that local drugstores are carrying them. Amazon has a great selection including well-respected brands like DriBriefs and Eversures. This is also a great way for those in rural areas or for those who are embarrassed to purchase them locally to get the protection they need.

There are many great male incontinence products on the market today, but incontinence briefs can be a great substitute for external catheters or urinary clamps. If you have not tried the new line of adult briefs, well, what are you waiting for?

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